Man of Steel’s Faora set to return for “The Flash” (Exclusive)

The Flash, currently set to release in November of 2022, has set itself up to be one of the most ambitious film projects that DC will have to offer in its upcoming lineup of films. With the film set to explore a loose adaptation to the Flashpoint storyline, we may see more than a fair number of appearances from multiple DC characters. Some may be relatively new, while some may be returning faces. And we’ve just learned the identity of one of the characters that will be making her return to the DCEU.

Thanks to our sources, we’ve learned exclusively that Faora-UI will appear in the upcoming Flash film, and Antje Traue will be returning to reprise her role. Faora’s role in this film, however, is currently unknown. We last saw Faora in the DCEU debut film, Man of Steel, back in 2013. Unlike General Zod, her fate was left a bit ambiguous. The events of the film led her to be trapped in the Phantom Zone. Whether or not she breaks out of the Phantom Zone for this film or we’re seeing an alternate version of Faora is something that has not yet been made clear to us. However, we are excited to see more of Faora, and we can’t wait to see her in action come 2022.