A Scarlet Witch Solo Project in development at Marvel Studios

You read that title right. Elizabeth Olsen is coming back as Wanda Maximoff in an upcoming Scarlet Witch solo project at Marvel Studios. Rumors of this project being in development have been running rampant since the premiere of WandaVision back in 2021, and most recently started to pick up steam when Wanda Maximoff returned to the big screen for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Where her story goes from there is something fans are speculating about since the movie’s open-ended finale.

While the rumors of a Scarlet Witch solo project have been only that up until this point, I can confirm, via several sources that this project has been given the green light. What exactly this project will be however, is still unknown, although it’s more likely than not that this project will be a Disney+ series rather than a solo movie.

The article will be updated regularly as more developments arise…

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